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Total entries : 70    ( Pages : 1 - 2 )
create Home Exercise Programs for physical therapy, rehabilitation and fitness
Training Cognitive Functions
Postural and Orthopedic Assessment (Physiotherapy)
Speech & Voice Range Profile
Speech / Voice Therapy
Oral Communication in Real Time
Voice Analysis and Vocal Quality
Developing Auditory Skills
improving basic Numeracy
Wordshark 4
reinforce word recognition and spelling, targeted to assist those with specific learning difficulties (dyslexia)
Vocal Pathology V
Memory Games Junior
Memory Games Senior
Memory Quest Flex
Skill Builders Vol 2 - Listening Skills
Skill Builders Vol 2 - Sorting Skills
Skill Builders Vol 1 - Observation Skills
Skill Builders Vol 1 - Memory Skills
Basic Concept Pictures Interactive Software
Autism & PDD: Picture Stories and Language Activities
Autism & PDD: Opposites
Autism & PDD: Concepts
Autism & PDD: Yes/No Questions
Autism & PDD: Basic Questions
Autism & PDD: Associations
& PDD: Categories
Autism & PDD: Concept Development
Two by Two
pairs-matching games
Coping With Chaos
a story based program about emotions and behaviour, suitable for children with emotional and behavioural difficulties, autistic spectrum and/or learning difficulties
making motivating activities
develop switch skills and develop the understanding of cause and effect
Ziko World
develop the ability to use switches through a games format
severely physically disabled, severe learning difficulties, or young children that are just learning to use a computer
domino, fruit picking, dot to dot, maze, reveal, complete the picture, paintbook, music
ChooseIt: Maker 2
create decision-making activities
add your own music files and so create your own activities
Touch Balloons
develop visual and tracking skills
uses visual discrimination skills to help develop touch or mouse skills
Switch Skills 1
easy switch timing activities
IT Mouse Skills
teach mouse skills in an entertaining and visually appealing atmosphere
Spider and friends! - Easy Maths
early maths concepts
painting, colouring and stamping
Alphabet Paint
1-2-3 Paint
Let's Go To Town
encourage discussion of the real-life activity; learning scanning using one or two switches
Let's Go To The Seaside
decision-making;practice in using a mouse or touch screen and switches for scanning
Spider in the Kitchen
help learners with positional language
Choose and Tell: Fairy Tales
encouraging children to use their imaginations, make decisions and think about creating a narrative
Choose and Cook
preparing healthy food and home kitchen management
Big Bang
cause and effect activities for students with profound and multiple learning difficulties
SwitchIt: Hygiene Extra
meets individual needs
SwitchIt: Transport Extra
see all kinds of modes of transport
SwitchIt: Jigsaw Maker 2
make your own jigsaw puzzles
SwitchIt: Maker 2
Put that digital camera to good use
SwitchIt: Weather Extra
Discover thunderstorms and rainbows
SwitchIt: Facemaker
adds features to a face in response to a simple switch input
SwitchIt: Farm Extra
Thematic instruction and hundreds of activities
SwitchIt: Wildlife Extra
Investigate animals from around the world
SwitchIt: Christmas Extra
Christmas-themed switch activities
SwitchIt: People Extra
Learn about people in the community
Total entries : 70    ( Pages : 1 - 2 )

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