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Total entries : 69    ( Pages : 1 - 2 )
create Home Exercise Programs for physical therapy, rehabilitation and fitness
Training Cognitive Functions
Postural and Orthopedic Assessment (Physiotherapy)
Speech & Voice Range Profile
Speech / Voice Therapy
Oral Communication in Real Time
Voice Analysis and Vocal Quality
Developing Auditory Skills
improving basic Numeracy
Wordshark 4
reinforce word recognition and spelling, targeted to assist those with specific learning difficulties (dyslexia)
Vocal Pathology V
Memory Games Junior
Memory Games Senior
Memory Quest Flex
Skill Builders Vol 2 - Listening Skills
Skill Builders Vol 2 - Sorting Skills
Skill Builders Vol 1 - Observation Skills
Skill Builders Vol 1 - Memory Skills
Basic Concept Pictures Interactive Software
Autism & PDD: Picture Stories and Language Activities
Autism & PDD: Opposites
Autism & PDD: Concepts
Autism & PDD: Yes/No Questions
Autism & PDD: Basic Questions
Autism & PDD: Associations
& PDD: Categories
Autism & PDD: Concept Development
Two by Two
pairs-matching games
Coping With Chaos
a story based program about emotions and behaviour, suitable for children with emotional and behavioural difficulties, autistic spectrum and/or learning difficulties
making motivating activities
develop switch skills and develop the understanding of cause and effect
Ziko World
develop the ability to use switches through a games format
severely physically disabled, severe learning difficulties, or young children that are just learning to use a computer
domino, fruit picking, dot to dot, maze, reveal, complete the picture, paintbook, music
ChooseIt: Maker 2
create decision-making activities
add your own music files and so create your own activities
Touch Balloons
develop visual and tracking skills
Switch Skills 1
easy switch timing activities
IT Mouse Skills
teach mouse skills in an entertaining and visually appealing atmosphere
Spider and friends! - Easy Maths
early maths concepts
painting, colouring and stamping
Alphabet Paint
1-2-3 Paint
Let's Go To Town
encourage discussion of the real-life activity; learning scanning using one or two switches
Let's Go To The Seaside
decision-making;practice in using a mouse or touch screen and switches for scanning
Spider in the Kitchen
help learners with positional language
Choose and Tell: Fairy Tales
encouraging children to use their imaginations, make decisions and think about creating a narrative
Choose and Cook
preparing healthy food and home kitchen management
Big Bang
cause and effect activities for students with profound and multiple learning difficulties
SwitchIt: Hygiene Extra
meets individual needs
SwitchIt: Transport Extra
see all kinds of modes of transport
SwitchIt: Jigsaw Maker 2
make your own jigsaw puzzles
SwitchIt: Maker 2
Put that digital camera to good use
SwitchIt: Weather Extra
Discover thunderstorms and rainbows
SwitchIt: Facemaker
adds features to a face in response to a simple switch input
SwitchIt: Farm Extra
Thematic instruction and hundreds of activities
SwitchIt: Wildlife Extra
Investigate animals from around the world
SwitchIt: Christmas Extra
Christmas-themed switch activities
SwitchIt: People Extra
Learn about people in the community
visual perception skills, early switch techniques and language development
Total entries : 69    ( Pages : 1 - 2 )

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