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Designs Video / VCD / DVD Titles: (Call for details!)

  1. Autocad
  2. Christiana Shannon: Textile Designer
  3. Design is .
  4. Doing Taylor & Adrian Health: Engineering Designers
  5. Focus On Wood Joints (cd-rom) (See Demo)
  6. Grundy & Northedge: Graphic Designers
  7. John Herbert: Interior Designer
  8. Katharine Wykes: Ergonomist
  9. Ken Grange: Product Designer
  10. Lucy Rowbotham: Optical Engineer
  11. Materials Matter
  12. Nick Butler: Product Designer
  13. Peter Golding: Fashion Designers
  14. Simon Holyfield & Mike Hodson: Engineering Designers
  15. Story Of The Can, The (cd-rom)

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