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Parenting Books

  1. Assertive Discipline for Paraprofessionals: how to handle discipline problems on the yard, in the cafeteria, in the classroom
  2. Assertive Discipline: parent resource guide  (Sold)
  3. Assertive Discipline: positive behavior management for today's classroom
  4. Assertive Discipline for Parents  (Sold)
  5. Bound for Success: guiding your child toward higher self-esteem 
  6. Caring Administrator: positive resource guide, grades K-12
  7. Children of Character: leading your children to ethical choices in everyday life   (Sold)
  8. Couch Potato Kids: teaching kids to turn off the TV and Tune in to fun 
  9. Help! It's Homework Time: improving your child's homework habits 
  10. Homework without Tears: a parent's guide for motivating children to do homework and to succeed in school 
  11. Managing the Morning Rush: shaping up your family's morning routine 
  12. More Than Playing Around
  13. No More Bedtime Battles: simple solutions to bedtime problems 
  14. Parenting Teenagers: systematic training for effective parenting of teens  (Sold)
  15. Surviving Sibling Rivalry: helping brothers and sisters get along 
  16. Systematic Training for Effective Parenting of Teens (STEP/TEEN)
  17. What to Do When Your Child Hates to Read: motivating the reluctant reader 
  18. What to Do When Your Child Needs to Study: helping your child master test-taking & study skills 
  19. What to Do When Your Child Won't Behave: a practical guide for responsible, caring disciple  (Sold)
  20. Winning the Chores Wars: how to get your child to do household jobs

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