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SM0015160 Personal Safety
SMTL63 Social Skills Board Games
SMTPS03 Personal & Emotional Skills Board Games
SMTL62 Bullies, Victims & Bystanders
SMTPS12 Social Skills Early Years Board Games
N332013 Good Manners at School
MT107540 Friendship Formula Game
FKNRCG Rachel's Challenge
combat bullying and reduce feelings of isolation
FKNSG Splitsville
successfully navigate a parental separation
FKN00YM Out Of Your Mind
learning important social skills
FKNFE Friendship Explorers
accepting of others
FKNEAIGM Escape from Anger Island
anger control skills
FKNBUSA Bully Safe
reducing bullying behavior
FKNBOWWGM Bridge Over Worried Waters
decrease anxious feelings
FKNBOBAGM Boundaries Baseball
understand and respect boundaries
SM0035741 Talkabout Board Game
DUSO1/DUSO2 Developing Understanding of Self and Others - 1/2
#SI Safety Island
teach personal safety to children
#TTT The Terrible Tobacco Tale
tobacco prevention
#OC Occaboton Clinic
smoking prevention ("no tobacco" spelled backwards)
#YCFC You Can't Fire The Customer
customer service
#FIQ Financial IQ
teach financial responsibility and literacy
#YTB You're the Boss - Grade 8 Adult
teach students how a real business works
#CMC Call Me Capable
understanding disabilities
#TF True Friends
friendship, cliques, popularity
#PWW Putting Words to Work
teach communication skills
#JMT Join My Team
succeed in work team
#FI Friendship Island
teach students social skills
#JMG Join My Group
succeed in cooperative learning group
#OST One Step At A Time
learn how to make good decisions
#IA Intelligent Anger
anger control
#FF Furious Fred
to control anger and avoid violence
#FRR From Rage to Reason
to control anger and avoid violence
#CS CyberSafe
how to navigate the dangerous waters of Internet
#BB Bully Busters
learn to prevent bullying
#BTB Bullies to Buddies
learn to prevent bullying
#BCA Breaking the Chains of Anger
controlling anger and avoiding violence
#BBC Block the Bully Cycle
prevent violence and bullying
#YTBMS You're the Boss -Grades 5-Adult
teach importance of responsibility, reliability, integrity, and work ethic
#CC Character Challenge
to think critically about important character issues
Total entries : 40    ( Pages : 1 )

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