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- the smart way to create Home Exercise Programs for physical therapy, rehabilitation and fitness

  • World's leading online exercise software
  • A wide range of specialist areas
  • Multiple languages, exercise videos, free client app

Motivate your clients to exercise

Physiotools is the professionals’ choice for creating personalized exercise programs. We help you improve the wellness of your clients, increase your efficiency and improve customer experience and satisfaction. Quickly create home exercise programs using this easy-to-use professional exercise software.

  • Create clear home exercise programs in minutes
  • Easily find the right exercises for your clients
  • New exercises added regularly
  • Free support, training and tutorials
  • Free client app
  • Integrates with EMR / Clinic management software

Physiotools Premium

Physiotools online exercise software is quick and easy to use and includes a large library of exercises covering a wide range of specialist areas. Use the fast and intelligent search function and utilize new exercises that are added regularly plus free updates, support and step by step tutorials.

Includes one licence: each user of PhysioTools must have their own licence. 12 month subscription

For organizations with more than 10 users

Product details

Create personalised exercise programs and include videos, photographs and line drawings.  Print, email or send the exercise programs with videos to your client´s free mobile app.  Physiotools can be used from any device with Internet access.

Automatic program updates, tutorials and support are included.  

With Physiotools you have access to the world´s largest exercise library. It includes exercises from the following areas: 


  1. General Exercises 2nd Edition
  2. Back Care
  3. Balance & Falls Prevention
  4. Cardiovascular and Flexibility Exercises
  5. Contracture Prevention
  6. Deep Fascia Exercises
  7. Falls Prevention with Pulley Equipment
  8. Foot and Ankle Strengthening
  9. Fracture Prevention
  10. Incontinence
  11. JEMS® Dynamic Movement Progressions for Trunk and Lower Body
  12. JEMS® Connected and Controlled Upper Extremity
  13. Lower Extremity Amputee Home Exercises
  14. Lower Extremity Basic Exercises
  15. Muscle Retraining - Strengthening & Stretching
  16. Pelvic Floor
  17. Pilates
  18. Pilates for People in Pain
  19. Respiratory Care
  20. Rollator Walker – Functional and Balance Exercises
  21. Saunders Basic Collection
  22. Speech Therapy
  23. Stretching Exercises
  24. Tape Yourself
  25. The Knee (Taping)
  26. The Shoulder (Taping)
  27. Therapeutic Ball Exercises
  28. Thera-Band® System of Progressive Resistance™
  29. Vestibular and Balance Exercises
  30. Whole-Body Joint Looseners and Variations for Special Needs
  31. Yoga for Rehab and Wellbeing


  1. Children with Motor Delay
  2. Handling the Young Child with Cerebral Palsy at Home
  3. Mothers and Babies
  4. Motor Activities for Children
  5. Paediatric Exercises and Burn Care Advice
  6. Paediatrics Musculo-skeletal
  7. Paediatrics Neuro-developmental & Motor Learning
  8. Paediatrics Respiratory


  1. Active Rehabilitation MFT and Sequence Training
  2. Cervical Spine Dynamic Stability/Kinetic Control
  3. Corrective Exercises for Movement System Impairment
  4. Get the Nerve to Move - Treatment Techniques & Home Exercises
  5. Lumbo-Pelvic Dynamic Stability/Kinetic Control
  6. Lumbar Spine Dynamic Stability/Kinetic Control
  7. Medical Exercise Therapy
  8. Movement Impairment Correction Exercises
  9. Neurodynamics – Cervical Exercises
  10. Upper Quadrant  Dynamic Stability/Kinetic Control
  11. Vertebral Column Examination and Treatment


  1. Hand and Upper Extremity
  2. Managing at Home
  3. Personal Care - Occupational Therapy


  1. General Neurology
  2. Home Care for the Stroke Patient
  3. Neurological Rehabilitation


  1. 55+ Motor Control and Balance
  2. 55+ Gym Training
  3. Conditioning for Fitness and Martial Arts
  4. Fitness and Sports Therapy
  5. Fitness Training for Falls Prevention
  6. Functional Training with Fitness Equipment


  1. Stretching
  2. Weightlifting for All
  3. Weight Training 


  1. Acupuncture
  2. Anatomy Trains – Myofascial Meridians
  3. Breast Self-Examination for Screening
  4. Lower Back Pain
  5. Medihelp Musculoskeletal System
  6. Neck and Shoulder Pain
  7. Posture, Body Mechanics & Ergonomics for the Spine
  8. Primal Pictures Anatomy 1 for PhysioTools
  9. Sports and Exercise Injuries
  10. Sprained Ankle – Acute Care, Taping & Rehabilitation Training
  11. Taping Techniques 


  1. Aquarobics for Rehab and Fitness
  2. Aquatic Therapy
  3. Hydrotherapy


  1. Bowflex Pro-Strength Conditioning
  2. Equine Stretches
  3. Evidence Based Protocols & Templates
  4. FLOWIN® Friction Training™
  5. Gymstick Exercises
  6. Kettle Bell
  7. PT Extra
  8. PT Extra - Exercises for Leg in a Cast
  9. PT Extra - Exercises for Arm in a Cast
  10. PT Extra - Musculoskeletal Health
  11. PT Extra - Positioning
  12. PT Extra - Walking with Crutches
  13. Thera-Band Exercises 1
  14. Thera-Band Foam Roller
  15. Whole Body Vibration Training

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System requirements: Broadband Internet access

Interface Languages: English, Finnish, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish.

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