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Starfish Aorta Colossus
Drift and Bough
Your Day is My Night
Same Stream Twice
Sound of a Shadow
The Task of the Translator
Wind in Our Hair/ Con viento en el pelo
The Last Happy Day
Cuadro Por Cuadro
Georgic for a Forgotten Planet
The Small Ones
Atalanta 32 years Later
Noa, Noa
States of UnBelonging
Photograph of Wind
Investigation of a Flame
A Biography of Lilith
Which Way Is East: Notebooks from Vietnam
The House of Science: a museum of false facts
Sermons and Sacred Pictures: the life and work of Reverend L.O. Taylor
Following the Object to Its Logical Beginning
Drawn and Quartered
Still Life With Woman and Four Objects
Total entries : 24    ( Pages : 1 )

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