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Stock Clearance : Mighty Math: Zoo Zillions
Original $250 Now $175

Mighty Math: Zoo Zillions CD-Rom

Join Ryan the Lion, the Otter twins and a host of furry friends on a lively exploration of essential math topics. From basic addition and subtraction to story problems, early geometry and beyond, build all the skills you need for success in the early math classroom. Ages 5-8.

  • Enjoy five irresistible activities in an intuitive interface that encourages independent play.
  • Explore more than 100 topics and thousands of brain-boosting math problems.
  • Use multiple modes of play for both free-form discovery and structured learning.
  • Progress though several levels of challenge with “Grow Slides” that automatically adjust to suit your increasing skills.
  • Learn the basics of addition, subtraction, money skills and number lines.
  • Get acquainted with 3D geometry.
  • Tackle spoken story problems that boost real-world smarts and confidence.
  • Build both inductive and deductive reasoning skills.

Enchanting animal friends make perfect learning companions on the road to math success! Trust Mighty Math Zoo Zillions to nurture strong math skills, sharp logical reasoning abilities and overall learning confidence.

Special Offer:

Original price: $250  Now: $175

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