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‘Track-IT’ - is a unique switch interface that allows complete operation of the
cursor, and mouse button clicks, using a single, remote switch.

‘Track-IT’ is designed for users with motor skill difficulties, particularly those who
find conventional access impractical, and has a number of programmable options
allowing the user to ‘personalise’ the functions for ease of use.


  • Full ‘mouse’ functionality from a single switch.
  • Four switch sockets available for those users able to operate more than one switch.
  • Clock-face array from which the direction of cursor travel is selected.
  • 8 Scan Rate and Dwell Time settings.
  • Selectable 4 or 8 directions of travel, each illuminated by an LED.
  • Variable time settings for the clock-face array and mouse click buttons.
  • Cursor speed control settings.
  • 4 mouse click functions, each illuminated by an LED.
  • Mouse left/right click, double click and drag lock buttons selectable using either the single switch or the additional switch sockets provided.
  • Programmable switch sockets for mouse click functions.
  • Mounting Stand for positioning close to the screen.
  • PC and MAC compatible.Unique cursor control technology

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