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USB Switch Box

- the only switch box that sets itself up for the application you are using

  • Works on both Mac and Windows
  • Operates most switch-accessible software
  • Incredibly easy to set up

Have you ever become frustrated setting up different switch boxes for different applications? Our USB Switch Interface does it for you. The switch box comes with software (USBKeys2) that can start automatically when the computer starts, detect the application you are using and set up your switches for the appropriate key presses or mouse clicks.

USBKeys2 includes a database of accessible software titles from leading publishers. It can even update the database FREE from the publisher constantly updated database at

You can also add settings for your favourite applications quickly and easily. It can capture key presses or combination key presses; mouse clicks, double-clicks and mouse drags; you can even set up your switches to open other applications!

The USB port is now the standard method of connecting external devices to a computer - so this is the only switch interface you need. The box is CE marked and FCC approved and comes with a USB lead.

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