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Smooth Talker

With a modern and stylish design SMOOTH TALKER is the most versatile, single and sequential message, Communicator currently on the market. SMOOTH TALKER has 2 minutes of recording time, superior digital sound quality from twin speakers and a low switch profile angled towards the user for easy activation. SMOOTH TALKER is unique in providing Random, Choice, Auditory Prompt and Co-operative messaging modes, and is the only Communicator with both wired and completely wire-free connectivity. For positive reinforcement and additional motivation toys or appliances can be attached and a message assigned to activate the toy/appliance. SMOOTH TALKER is the only Communicator with both wired and wire-free connectivity options for toys and appliances and, uniquely, can activate two toys/ appliances simultaneously.


  • Records single and sequential messages.
  • Two minutes of recording and playback time.
  • Digital amplifier with twin speakers for superior sound quality.
  • Random, Choice, Auditory Prompt and Co-operative modes.
  • Activates wirelessly using SimplyWorks SWITCH 125.
  • Wireless toy activation using SimplyWorks toy controllers.
  • Activates a mains-powered appliance in conjunction with ENERGISE mains controller.
  • Activates two toys/appliances simultaneously using wired and wire-free connectivity.
  • Input socket for attaching a wired, external switch.
  • Input socket for attaching a toy/appliance.
  • On/off and volume control.
  • Built-in symbol holder.
  • Large (125mm), low profile, switch activation area.
  • Tactile and auditory feedback.

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