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Blue Bird II


Improve individuals' understanding through visual, aural and physical stimulation. Help in learning vocabularies, understanding meanings and recognizing images.
Sized for easy carrying allowing the users to utilize the unit anytime, anywhere hence greatly improve their desire to communicate with others

Target Users:

This system is suitable for severely disabled persons to communicate and improve personal skills in communication. Also to assist patients in day-to-day living, social events and employment help.

Product Functions:

  1. Digital recording instantaneously records and plays voice messages. Recorded messages remain even if the battery runs out.
  2. Vocal recording quality 16bits. Sounds effects:Volume  95 dB.
  3. Total recording time of Dependant on memory card (1GB = approx. 120 min)
  4. CF card can be formatted in the Bluebird II itself.
  5. Easy-to-carry size and comes with a carrying pouch to improve mobility.
  6. 4 special switch inputs to suit physically disabled users.
  7. Newly designed flipping page system making page changing fast and easy.
  8. Auditory scanning for users with severe disabilities.
  9. Overlays Samples:10 prints of overlay samples match up with real-speech (English) preloaded in the CF card will be provided.
  10. To make communication and learning more fun:New version PMLS allowes users to make their own overlays by combining symbols with a scene.

Product Specifications:

  • Size: 300mm x 214mm x 39mm
  • Weight: 0.9kg
  • Casing Material: ABS
  • Control Panel: Thin-Film Press Switches
  • Recording: Digitized recording.
  • Recording Settings: 242 Messages
  • Number of Pages: 11
  • Recording Time  Dependant on memory card
  • (1GB = approx. 120 min)
  • Power Supply: 
    (1) House hold AC outlet ( Using an adapter)
    (2) Rechargeable attery pack
    (3) Battery box
  • Output: 2
  • Special Switch Input: 4


(微電腦語音溝通板: 攜帶型)


  • 透過視覺,感覺,觸覺的感官刺激,建立個案的語意系統,亦可藉由視覺〈文字,符號,圖形,顏色〉,或聽覺〈正確語音〉的回應,維持個案的學習動機,並跟隨語音的分段仿說,促使主動開口說話。
  • 體型輕巧攜帶方便,使用者得隨時隨地充分表達需求,抒發情感,舒緩情緒,增加溝通意願。
  • 醫療復健者及安養照顧者的人本關懷性溝通利器。



  • 智能障礙
  • 視覺障礙
  • 聽覺障礙
  • 語言障礙
  • 肢體障礙
  • 情緒障礙
  • 學習障礙
  • 多重障礙
  • 發展性障礙
  • 自閉症者 



  1. 數據化錄音,可隨洗隨錄;所錄聲音品質為16Bit,且不隨電源用盡而消失,此外另有音量調整(聲音最大分貝高達95分貝)及弱電顯示功能。
  2. 採CF記憶卡,記憶容量大增,各段錄音時間長度不受限制,總錄音時間長度依CF記憶卡之容量而定。
  3. 所附之CF card 在 Blue Bird II 上可以直接初始化。( 還原至出廠狀態 )
  4. 機台背面增加固定腳架,可使機台與放置桌面保持約15度傾斜角。
  5. 機台背面增加手持支撐帶, 在 手持機台時,可固定於手背,節省出力,並防止鬆手滑落。
  6. 版面採掀頁式設計,取代一般抽插式換頁設計,大幅提昇版面更換之方便性。
  7. 可配合四組特殊開關使用,以適應於不同肢體障礙人士使用。有兩組外接輸出,可控制電池玩具,兼具教學功能。
  8. 支援單、雙鍵語音掃描功能,方便較重度肢體障礙者選取語音訊息使用。
  9. 另附贈版面範例10張。( 情境式版面以及格子式版面 )
  10. 可配合新版PMLS將情境圖與個別圖形融合,製作活潑有趣的版面。


  • 尺寸: 298mm×212mm×37mm
  • 重量: 0.92kg
  • 材質: ABS
  • 背面: 防滑腳墊
  • 控制面板: 薄膜開關
  • 面板: 觸摸式面板
  • 音質: 數據化錄音
  • 錄音格式: 24
  • 錄音層數: 11層
  • 錄放音方式: 隨洗隨錄
  • 錄音時間:  依記憶卡容量而定(例如 1GB 之 CF 卡約可錄 120 分鐘) 
  • 電源: 充電式電池組或外接變壓器
  • 外接輸出: 2組
  • 特殊開關輸入: 4組
  • 掃描方式: 聲音

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