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Our products : Communication Devices
: Cheap Talk 4 In-line Communicators

Cheap Talk 4 In-line Communicators

Our popular Cheap Talk 4 with the switches arranged in a line. Available in four 1-Level models: Direct; Direct, Jacks and Say It Play It; Direct with Overlay Option; and Direct, Jacks and Say It Play It with Overlay Option. Two models also available with 12-Levels: Direct with Overlay Option and Direct and Jacks with Overlay Option. The Overlay Option comes with a plastic overlay that is permanently attached to the Cheap Talk. Sheets of icons can then be slipped in and out from the overlay grid.

Size: 12" x 3" x 6". Requires 4 AA Batteries. Icons not included.


12-Levels - Direct and Jacks w/Overlay Option
(SKU: 3413)
For use with up to 4 external switches.

12-Levels - Direct w/Overlay Option
(SKU: 3412)
We have given you 12 levels. The total recording time is 288 seconds or 6 seconds per message. (48 messages total).

(SKU: 3054)
Activated by pressing one of the four squares, 5 seconds per message.

Direct w/Overlay Option
(SKU: 6054)
Operates the same as our Direct model (above) but also has a permanent grid that allows easy replacement of sets of pictures.

Direct, Jacks and Say It Play It
(SKU: 3055)
Activated by pressing one of the four message squares or by plugging external switches into the four input jacks on the side, 5 seconds per message. Additionally, two output jacks allow unit to activate two devices.

Direct, Jacks and Say It Play It w/Overlay Option
(SKU: 6055)
Device functions the same as #3055 except it comes with an Overlay.

Direct, Scan and Jacks
(SKU: 3050)
Allows the use of a single switch to "scan" four different 5-second messages. A light illuminates sequentially above each message square. This versatile unit also allows direct activation by pressing the squares and activation by separate external switches.

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