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Our products : Communication Devices
: Cheap Talk 8 : 6-Level Communicators

Cheap Talk 8 : 6-Level Communicators

Stores up to 48 5-second messages! Our exclusive 6-Level Communicator is ideal for teaching language skills and communicating. Record 48 6-second messages on 6 levels. Messages can be recorded and re-recorded as often as you wish. Available in several options.

Size: 12" x 8" x 3". Requires 4 AA Batteries.

Direct and Jacks with Overlay (White)
(SKU: 2392)
For use with up to 4 external switches.


Direct and Jacks with Overlay (Platinum)
(SKU: 2392M)

Direct with Overlay (White)
(SKU: 2391)

Direct with Overlay (Black)
(SKU: 2391Bk)

Direct with Overlay (Platinum)
(SKU: 2391M)

Direct & Scan with Jacks
(SKU: 3051)
Allows the use of one or two switches to scan the eight different messages. This versatile unit also allows direct activation by pressing the square and activation by separate external switches.  Features 8 scan modes, including audible scan. Total record time is 40 seconds.

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