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Hummingbird Standard


  • Design pages and digitally record messages to suit individual needs in communication
  • Sized for easy carrying allowing the users to utilize the unit anytime, anywhere hence greatly improve their desire to communicate with others

Target Users:

This system is suitable for severely disabled persons to communicate and improve personal skills in communication. Also to assist patients in day-to-day living, social events and employment help.

Product Functions:

  1. Digital recording instantaneously records and plays voice messages. Recorded messages remain even if the battery runs out
  2. Total recording time of 8 minutes, divided into 3 pages of 12 messages each. Recorded messages can be of 14, 12 and 12 seconds long for each page respectively
  3. Easy-to-carry size
  4. 2 special input connections to suit physically disabled users
  5. Scanning function allows severely disabled individuals to select desired messages with ease
  6. 2 AA batteries provide for hours of usage and more than 10 hours standby time

Product Specification:

  • Size: 195mm x 134mm x 26mm
  • Weight: 0.39kg
  • Recording: Digitized recording
  • Record Settings: 12 messages per page
  • No. of Pages: 3
  • Recording Time: 8 minutes
  • Power Supply: 2 AA batteries
  • Scanning Mode: Light (visual) and sound (aural) simultaneously

*Switches not included







  • 數據化錄音,可隨洗隨錄;所錄之音不隨電源用盡而消失,此外另有音量調整及弱電顯示功能。
  • 總錄音長度為8分鐘,並分成3頁,各頁格數均為12格,共36段,各頁每格可錄時間分別為14、13、13秒。
  • 掃描速度秒數可以自行選擇控制(1秒、1.5秒、2秒、3秒)。
  • 體積較小、重量較輕、方便攜帶。
  • 可配合兩組特殊開關使用,以適合不同肢體障礙士使用。(特殊開關可以選購,不附在內)
  • 同時兼具燈光及語音掃描功能,可選用單鍵或雙鍵方式來操作,並可設定掃描順序,方便較重度肢體障礙者選取語音訊息使用。


  1. 以手動按壓觸摸面版方式溝通:需手動撥動更換頁層開關,並須手動抽換三層版面(每頁12個訊息)
  2. 單鍵跳格掃描:需手動撥動更換頁層開關,並須手動抽換三層版面,按壓特殊開關以跳格掃描方式溝通(每頁12個訊息)
  3. 雙鍵跳格掃描:需手動撥動更換頁層開關,並須手動抽換三層版面,按壓一特殊開關選擇所需格數,再按壓另一特殊開關以確認溝通(每頁12個訊息)


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