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GoTalk One

At last! An inexpensive, high-quality single message talker with a large picture display and a big, colorful PLAY button! GoTalk One is super slim and light, weighing less than 2 oz. And you’ll be impressed with how good it sounds! Here’s how it works. Put your picture display into the covered frame and slide the switch on the back to RECORD. Press the PLAY button and talk for up to 10 seconds. When you’re done recording, slide the switch to PLAY. Your GoTalk One is ready!

We offer two methods to store and display GoTalk Ones. TalkBook Four has a vinyl folder with transparent pockets that hold four removable GoTalk Ones. Works well as an affordable, easy-to-carry four message communication device. The TalkFrame Six has a sturdy PVC stand that secures six GoTalk Ones. Ideal as an cost-effective tabletop communicator or for individual instruction/therapy sessions when multiple recorded messages are needed.

Size: approx 5″ x 2˝″ x 3/8″
Weight 1.6 oz.
2 button batteries (included)

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