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Autism & PDD: Categories Interactive Software

by Beth W. Respess

Ages: 3-7   Grades: PreK-2nd

Students stay focused on the task and learn to identify 45 categories with this animated software program.


  • Includes 3 response choices for each sentence completion item
  • Students fill-in-the blanks to identify categories based on five themes: things in the house, the yard, the kitchen, on vacation, and playing
  • Correct responses are immediately reinforced with amusing animation, sound effects, and a warmhearted “Good job!”
  • Incorrect responses get a reassuring “Oops. Try again” message
  • The animation and sound effects bring context to each category-teaching screen
  • Improves receptive and expressive language, attention span, and listening skills
  • Improves eye-hand coordination
  • Stimulating for normally-developing preschoolers
  • Easy for parents to use at home  


  • Easy-to-load CD-ROM
  • Easy to go back and review pages
  • Includes randomization feature that lets you scramble pages so order changes with each session
  • Includes Quit button so program can be ended at any time
  • Program teaches 45 categories: 

 Art supplies  School supplies  Garden tools
 Bath toys  Summer clothes  Insects
 Friends  Winter clothes  Plants 
 Games  Breakfast   Playground equipment 
 Pets  Desserts  Things in the sky 
 Sports equipment  Dishes  Tools
 Things you ride   Drinks  Airplane
 Toys  Flavors  Beach
 Musical instruments  Fruit  Desert
 Chores  Silverware  Farm 
 Food   Snacks  Woods
 Halloween costumes  Vegetables  Jungle 
 Hiking equipment   Pond animals  Luggage
 Money  Birds  Mail
 Things to Read   Flowers  Ocean

Buddy Bear in the House
Buddy Bear has bread.
He has honey too.
This is Buddy Bear’s ___.

Buddy Bear in the Yard
Buddy Bear sees a cloud.
He sees a rainbow too.
These are things Buddy Bear ____.

Buddy Bear in the Kitchen
Buddy Bear has a fork.
He has a spoon too.
This is Buddy Bear’s ____.

Buddy Bear on Vacation
Buddy Bear sees his seat.
He sees a pilot too.
Buddy Bear is in an ____.

Buddy Bear Plays
Buddy Bear likes to play.
He plays with a truck.
He plays with a puzzle too.
These are Buddy Bear’s ______.

Watch the smiles as the correct answer pops into the story page with just the right amount of animation and sound effects. When did learning get to be so much fun?

Components : CD-ROM, instructions, jewel case

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