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: Special Needs / Rehabilitation : Spider and friends! - Easy Maths

Spider and friends! - Easy Maths

The spider is back! This time he has several friends with him and the activities are centred around early maths concepts. Sort objects into 2, 3, 4 or 5 flowerpots, play snap, count the things in the garden (up to 5), copy a sequence of objects, counting to five, as well as early direction (logo-like) screens.

Delightful reward scenes featuring the spider - watch out for the rabbit!

Easy Maths provides a broad base of multimedia early learning activities, focusing on mathematics. It extends from developing visual discrimination skills through copying repeating patterns to using forty-five and ninety degree rotations to create line drawings.

By providing several different methods of accessing the activities this program has been designed to facilitate ease of use in an inclusive environment. It can be configured for those who use... - a mouse; - a touchscreen; - an IntelliKeys keyboard; - one or two switches or - a Concept Keyboard. Settings, or Preferences, can be saved and loaded at any time, making the program adaptable in a situation where learners have different access requirements.

For those wishing to make Concept Keyboard overlay files there is a list of the keyboard shortcuts that can be used to operate this program in the instruction booklet that comes with the program.

A print facility is provided via a pull-down menu. If this provides unsatisfactory results please take a snapshot of the screen and paste the file into an appropriate program such as Paint.

The is Spiderís theme tune and has been provided on the CD entirely for the purposes of entertainment!

Completely configurable, from the number of activities presented in each area, through which images are presented (pictures, shapes, dice shapes, numerals).

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