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: Pre-school / Primary Level : A Whale of a Tale: Dive into Math 2

A Whale of a Tale: Dive into Math 2

"A Whale of a Tale: Dive into Math 2" is an interactive CD-ROM designed to help students learn basic Mathematics skills. This multimedia package uses animated cartoon characters to add an interesting storyline to the delivery of key curriculum concepts. The program is pedagogically sound with an expert in Primary curriculum development retained as the content consultant. The program is designed for children ages seven through nine and can be used both in school and at home.

"A Whale of a Tale" series is developed around core curriculum topics in Mathematics, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies.

Features & Benefits:

"A Whale of a Tale: Dive into Math 2" is an interactive Mathematics multimedia program designed to provide an integrated fun approach to learning mathematics for the student. It incorporates a combination of tutorial, discovery, drill, and practice learning strategies and techniques. Remedial and enrichment activities are integral components of the program. Sophia the Lobster introduces "Just for Fun" games while Jerry the Jellyfish offers pieces of whale trivia for the student to listen to or read.

"Dive into Math 2" is divided into five sections:

  1. Mystery Math
  2. Number Sense
  3. Add and Subtract
  4. Festival Math
  5. Just for Fun

Mystery Math: Cedric the Starfish and friends play sorting games with buttons. Little Blue and Shelly the Crab complete patterns. Percy the Penguin learns how to write number sentences and solve story problems.

Number Sense: Samantha the Sea Horse loves to play with numbers and sets; before, after and between numbers; and groups of ten. Oscar the Octopus enjoys playing and counting with numbers, e.g., greater/greatest; lesser/least; first, second, third...; on and back; and counting by twos and fives.

Add and Subtract: Shelly the Crab helps Cedric the Starfish with adding and subtracting to nineteen. Little Blue learns how to add and subtract two digit numbers. .

Festival Math: Miranda the Sea Otter introduces children to geometric figures, e.g., sphere, cylinder, cube, cone. Old Tom the Turtle teaches Cedric how to tell the time using digital and standard clocks. Little Blue visits the Fraction Factory where he learns about halves, thirds, and fourths.

Just for Fun :
- Pattern Path: Levels A & B
- Shopping Spree: Levels A & B
- Sea Sports: Levels A & B
- Miss and Match: Levels A & B

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