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Wordshark 4

Wordshark is a major teaching resource used widely in schools.

It combines the excitement of computer games with the serious task of learning to read and spell. It offers over 55 games which use sound, graphics and text to teach and reinforce word recognition and spelling.

The program includes phonics, onset and rime, homophones, spelling rules, common letter patterns, visual and auditory patterns, prefixes, suffixes, roots, word division, high frequency words, use of words in context, alphabet and dictionary skills and more.

The games and the selection of words have been specially targeted to assist those with specific learning difficulties (dyslexia), but are equally good for all learners.

The variety of games, concepts and words make Wordshark suitable for use in both primary and secondary schools as well as at home.

Each game is designed to help with one or more aspects of reading and spelling.

Variable speeds and other options meet all grades of skill.

The Words

Words range from initial letter sounds and simple phonic blends, through the simplest 2 or 3-letter words to complex polysyllabic words

Word lists are arranged in five alternative structured courses covering:

 - The English “Literacy Hour” UK spellings and word recognition (American spellings are included as an option)
 - Secondary school subject vocabulary / Adult learners
 - The 3 stages of the book “Alpha to Omega”
 - Phonics
 - Course for older users and adults

A fast search engine easily locates any word, topic or word list.

 Sentences give the words in context with a worksheet for every list which can be easily printed.

A simple way is provided to create and record sounds for your own word lists.

Work can be set and student records kept.

Easy-to-follow A4 manual includes all word lists and advice on use.

Overview NEW in Wordshark 4:

“Letters and Sounds” detailed phonics course supporting the English Government initiative. 

Many new games - Sassoon Font - More Reward Games - Extra teacher/admin functions including the ability for several staff to set different work for an individual child or group.

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