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Teddy Bear's Magic Music

Teddy Bear's Magic Music program contains 18 songs and Flash animations from Teddy Bear English.

It is available in a Home version with just the 18 songs and animations, and in a School Version which also includes a Song Book/Teacher's Guide. The Song Book/Teacher's Guide contains many useful ideas for classroom activities based on the songs and on the content from the songs.

Songs are from Teddy Bear English, a comprehensive multi-media English program:

  • Hello
  • Goodbye
  • Birthday Chang
  • Two Little Blackbirds
  • Six in a Bed
  • Ten Little Dinosurs
  • Colors
  • The Bear West Over the Mountain
  • The Horse Jumped Over the Fence
  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
  • Weather Song
  • If You’re Happy
  • Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes
  • I Scream for Ice Cream
  • Itsy Bitsy Spider
  • Ten Fat Sausages
  • Humpty Dumpty
  • Hickory Dickory Dock

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