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TextThing MFL

Age: 7 to 16 years

A 'must' for all pupils who need to explore Modern Foreign Language texts

textThing MFL creates TEN letter, word, sentence and comprehension-level exercises from any text to encourage pupils to read and THINK. Tasks can be completed on-screen or printed out, e.g. for Homework. If stuck and the relevant speech engine is installed (see below) they can listen to the text they’re working on.

  1. Punctuation and capital letters
  2. Spelling
  3. Cloze
  4. Crosswords
  5. Word Searches
  6. Scrambled words
  7. Prediction
  8. Sequencing
  9. Disclosure
  10. Reading Accuracy

Easy-to-use Options ensure fine differentiation between students, perhaps pointing to particular texts or exercises that require repetition and revision, or focusing on particular character clusters. Work can be prepared and saved for later use with individuals or groups.

You can use the range of texts supplied or import passages that relate to study themes, e.g. the culture or history of the country itself, extracts from magazines or web sites, your own paper-based exercises, etc.

textThing MFL comes with authentic talking French, German, Spanish, Italian and Dutch texts, but also works without speech in with any western-style language, and non-talking texts for Danish, Scottish Gaelic, Welsh and Cornish are provided. Language-specific keyboards are not needed as on-screen mini-keyboards allow language-specific characters to be used.

Supplied with:

  • Quick Start Guide
  • Handbook

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