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(Key Stage 3)

WordMania (Key Stage 3)

Age: 11 to 14 years

Embedding maths skills with exciting mazes and thought-provoking puzzles.

In a variety of exciting maze-worlds, pupils practise and develop their Maths skills by answering revision questions on Numbers, Time, Angles, Measurement, Shape & Space and ‘Lucky Dip’.

With enough points to exit a maze, they can tackle one of eight puzzles: Coins, Towers of Hanoi, Sliding Blocks, Magic Squares, Fill It, Eureka, Weight and Bao.

Maths targets are accommodated via four levels of difficulty, and there is easy control over points required to exit mazes, the puzzle availability, time limits and whether pupils should ‘play’ against others in the same maze or alone (across a network or via the Internet) dropping ‘question bombs’ to rout their rivals.

‘High Score’ tables are continuously updated. Answers can be tracked, new question sets can be added, and worksheets can be printed at pre-set levels.

  • Monitor pupils from within the game
  • Includes a Maze Designer and Custom Question Writer
  • Prints worksheets to be completed away from the computer
  • Fully configurable - define the topics and puzzles pupils will meet
  • Puzzles can be played as independent problem-solving activities

Supplied with:

  • Quick Start Guide
  • Handbook
  • Questions, Puzzles & Classroom Guide
  • Maze Design sheet

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