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(Key Stage 2)

WordMania (Key Stage 2)

Age: 7-11 years

A fascinating upgrade to our best-selling maths revision title 'MathMania'.

Do you need to get pupils practising not just the ‘four rules’ of number, but also topic work and problem-solving?

MathMania 2 (ages 7-11) gets pupils navigating mazes by answering revision questions on Numbers, Angles, Time, Measurement, Shape & Space and a ‘Lucky Dip’. The aim is to win points and get past maze obstacles.

With enough points to leave a maze, they can enter another, or win bonus points by tackling one of eight Numeracy puzzles: Coins, Towers of Hanoi, Sliding Blocks, Magic Squares, Fill It, Eureka, Years and Navigate.

Across a network, pupils can navigate mazes at the same time as their friends (stand-alone use is of course available) and what's more, to make things strategically more interesting, they can drop question 'bombs' to stay ahead of them!

Like the other titles in the Mania series, the software can be adapted to offer the features you want; the more 'game-like' features can be reserved as rewards and levels of play are completely under your control.

  • Monitor pupils from within the game
  • Includes a Maze Designer and Custom Question Writer
  • Prints worksheets to be completed away from the computer
  • Fully configurable - define the topics and puzzles pupils will meet
  • Puzzles can be played as independent problem-solving activities

Supplied with:

  • Quick Start Guide
  • Handbook
  • Questions, Puzzles & Classroom Guide
  • Maze Design sheet

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