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: English : Stig Of The Dump

Stig Of The Dump

Age: 7 to 13 years

A text adventure that captures the imagination and gets pupils reading for meaning.

Stig of the Dump brings Clive King’s story (of the same name) to life, putting the learner in Barney’s shoes in a ‘virtual environment’ that contains people, objects and locations from Barney’s house, Stig’s cave and The Dump itself.

Using their knowledge of the first three chapters of the book included in the pack, pupils must enter instructions or click on command words in pop-up menus, such as GO NORTH, IN and LIGHT FIRE.

Included in the pack is a cross-curricular topic web for discussion, plus a map which pupils can be given if they cannot create their own.

Supplied with:

  • Handbook
  • Topic Web sheet
  • Adventure Map

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