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Vocabster: Proficiency

Gramster is a software programme which helps you to master the meaning of about 3000 words of English vocabulary. Organised into 90 topics, it presents and gives you practice in using everyday language to talk about activities, people and events. Each topic is divided into several sections with exercises that increase progressively in difficulty. The meanings of the words are explained in the first part. Then you are asked to recognise them and match them to their meanings in the different exercises that follow, and finally use them in context. Tests are provided at the end of each level to revise and measure your progress. Simple, practical and efficient, Vocabster constitutes an invaluable tool for those seeking to expand and enrich their English vocabulary.

- The Earth's features
- Meals and cooking food
- Collocations about people
- Language
- Text Messages and Chat
- Cars
- Phrasal verbs with in, on and down
- Government
- The Arts
- Social Problems
- Australian and American English
- Space
- Being young
- Compound adjectives
- Economics
- Collocations about money
- Festivals and special occasions
- Phrasal verbs with back, away and over
- E-business
- Test yourself on level 5 (5 tests)

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