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Gramster 2: Intermediate

Gramster is a second Gramster module which enables you to study and practise seven new grammar points per level. Like in the original Gramster, the teaching approach is modern, making you think about the grammar in context and presenting the rule after the meaning is understood. Semi-authentic texts are used to illustrate the different grammar points. At the end of each level, a set of 8 tests are provided so you can see your progress. Simple, practical and efficient, Gramster 2 is the ideal tool for learning, revising and finally mastering every aspect of English grammar.

- Verbs with two objects
- Comparing using, like, the way, the same as
- 'To' infinitives
- Too, enough, too much, too many
- Nouns + prepositions - fixed expressions
- Talking about numbers - decimals, fractions and percents
- So, such as, rather, awfully, extremely, pretty
- 8 tests


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