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SM0035870 Sensory Assessment and Intervention Programme

With the increase in children being diagnosed with autism and the majority of these children educated in a mainstream setting, this easy to use resource is invaluable in helping practitioners working with children with autism to identify the possible triggers for behaviours that challenge, and enable them to create an intervention programme to support the child. The resource is also suitable for other children who have sensory difficulties.

Included with the CD is an accompanying booklet which details:

  1. Background to development of the assessment
  2. Autism and its impact on the child 
  3. Sensory issues and autism
  4. Using the CD and analysing how sensory difficulties are affecting the child
  5. Developing an intervention programme

Evaluating the intervention and way forward.

The Sensory Assessment and Intervention Programme will enable you to:

  • Provides assessment tools to gain a thorough insight into the sensory difficulties an individual child is facing.
  • Develop bespoke intervention programmes to ensure appropriate action for each child.
  • Provides continual evaluation to ensure effectiveness of intervention at every stage.

Suitable for all professionals working with children with sensory difficulties.

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