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The Development Series
By W. Michael Magrun, MS, OTR/L

Development is a multidimensional process. Movement develops through the ability of the infant to adapt to gravity, control weight distribution, and develop muscular control. Thinking of development in terms of milestones is superficial and does not provide understanding of movement components, transitional movement patterns, or the multi-layered nature of development. This series of videos (NA1-NA3) discusses normal development, comparisons to atypical development, and differences in development observed in children with learning disabilities.

NA1: The Normal Acquisition of Skill in the First Year of Life (30 min.)

NA2: Normal and Abnormal Development: A Comparative Analysis (41 min.)

NA3: Differences in Motor Development Between Normal and Learning Disabled Children (48 min.)


MAS1: Massage for the Infant with Developmental Concerns
By Susanne R. Hays. MS, RN, CRRN, Certified Infant Massage Parent Instructor

This video provides the therapist and caregiver with the essential information and techniques of infant massage. Each massage stroke is clearly demonstrated with special attention to the infant’s individual needs. Massage has been shown to relax muscle tightness, improve muscle tone, and benefit the development of the baby. A special “tips” section is included that deals with colic, constipation, and other concerns. (62 min.)

OP1: Osteopathic Evaluation and Treatment of the Newborn and Infant
By Richard C. MacDonald, DO

This video presents neuro-musculo-skeletal evaluation and manipulative treatment of the newborn and infant as performed by an Osteopathic Physician. The evaluation includes cranial evaluation and treatment as well as structural evaluation. (18 min.)

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