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The “Help” Series
Helping the Physically Challenged Child Function More Independently

By Christine A. Nelson, PhD, OTR, FAOTA, NDT Coordinator Instructor

This “help” series is designed to assist therapists and caregivers in providing functionally oriented handling activities that can be incorporated into the daily care routine of the infant and young child to improve developmental skills. Introduction to handling skills and specific handling for sitting, standing, and walking are covered in detail. Demonstrations are performed using a doll so that the techniques can be clearly understood. Some clinical examples are provided to show the application of treatment for children with various degrees of disability.

HP1: Introduction to Physically Handling (38 min.)

HP2: Introducing Functional Sitting (38 min.)

HP3: Improving Control of Sitting (37 min.)

HP4: Preparing for Standing (28 min.)

HP5: Preparing for Stepping and Walking (29 min.)

HP6: Preparing the Child to Change Positions (29 min.)

RF1: Using Developmental Movement to Assist Respiratory Function
By Christine A. Nelson, PhD, OTR, FAOTA, NDT Coordinator Instructor

This video presents examples of treatment strategies for a child with pulmonary dysplasia. The ideas presented are generally applicable for other conditions where respiratory development is a concern. (26 min.)

LT1: Fostering Motor Development in Low Tone Children
By Christine A. Nelson, PhD, OTR, FAOTA, NDT Coordinator Instructor

This video discusses developmental characteristics of low tone, respiratory concerns, and treatment strategies for developing movement and postural control in the low tone child. (55 min.)

H9: Working for Motor Control in Ataxia
By Isabelle M. Bohman, MS, PT, NDT Coordinator Instructor

This video demonstrates the Neurodevelopmental (Bobath) Approach to the treatment of ataxia in a child who sustained bilateral cerebellar damage. Two complete treatment sessions are presented and narrated by Ms. Bohman. Special attention is given to techniques that facilitate central stability. (60 min.)

UB1: Functional Upper Body Determinants On Independent Gait Control
By Christine A. Nelson, PhD, OTR, FAOTA, NDT Coordinator Instuctor

This video explores the relationship of upper body control and how it influences functional gait patterns. Intervention strategies for organizing the upper body are presented with emphasis on their effects on gait and gait performance. (36 min.)

SB1: The Treatment of the Baby with Myelomeningocele to Enhance Lower Extremity Function
By Barbara J. Bour, PT

This video guides the viewer through a functional approach to enhance lower extremity function in children with spina bifida. (51 min.)

DN1: Therapy Focus in Down’s Syndrome
By Robin Anderson, PT

This video describes characteristics of Down’s Syndrome and presents relevant therapy concerns and treatment approaches. (50 min.)

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