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DVD/VCD 錄影帶及錄音帶
: Special Needs / Rehabilitation : LLALTEV Learning Language and Loving It: The Teaching Tape (VHS)*

Learning Language and Loving It™: The Teaching Tape

This two-part video demonstrates how teachers use strategies in play and daily activities to create enriched, interactive language-learning environments that include all children. Examples include teachers interacting with children who have special needs and language delays, children who are second language learners, as well as children who are typically developing. The video has onscreen time codes and comes with a detailed User’s Guide for easy reference.

This video brings to life the Learning Language and Loving It guidebook (Second Edition, Weitzman and Greenberg, 2002 ) and supports Learning Language and Loving It – The Hanen Program® for Early Childhood Educators/Teachers.This program addresses the vital role of preschool teachers in facilitating children’s social, language and literacy development.

 Tape One... 

  •  An Inside Look at Interactions in Early Childhood Settings 
  •  The Stages of Language Development 
  •  Let the Child Lead 
  •  Taking Turns Together 
  •  Encourage Interaction in Group Situations 
  •  Fostering Peer Interaction 

  Tape Two...  

  • Adjust the Way You Talk  
  • Create an Environment for Talking and Learning 
  •  Promote Pretend Play 
  •  Pave the Way for Young Readers and Writers 
  • Circle Time

The examples in this teaching tape illustrate how teachers in early childhood settings implement the strategies that are considered crucial to the promotion of children's social, language, and literacy development. Examples are also shown that contrast the effective application of strategies with situations where teachers do not apply the strategies, to stimulate discussion, problem solving, and analysis by the viewers.
Running time: 3 hours, 40 minutes 

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