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Kvebaek Sculpture Technique (KST)

  •  Meeting your needs to rapidly engage clients in assessment and problem-solving

Sculpting tools include the handsome hardwood figures, manual, references, sociogram grid, Strengths-Assessment/Resource Map, and case examples of ways the sculptures are being used in diverse settings.

We offer three-generational sculptures in various sizes, allowing client to depict Grandfather, Grandmother, Father, Mother, Son, Daughter, or family pet.

The family figures are available in several natural hardwoods, Cherry, Black Walnut, or Maple. Each figure is hand-finished in beautiful low-lustre protective varnish, is appealing to the eye and feels great to the touch.

The KST:

  • A family systems-based process yielding both qualitative and quantitative information
  • A multi-modal communication tool to engage individuals in looking at their network or system
  • Applicable to families, classroom, work group or organization
  • Strengths-based perspective: includes tools for asset mapping
  • Engages people in assessment in a natural, story-sharing manner
  • Mobilizes persons motivation to set goals and make desired changes
  • Encourages understanding and empathy among family members or group
  • In therapy applications: provides a family systems orientation even in individual work
  • A provocative and effective therapy technique that enhances your theoretical approach
  • Wonderful adjunct to Narrative therapy

You can incorporate this technique into your practice with the step-by-step guide.


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