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Family Relations Test: Children's Version
E Bene & J Anthony

Family Relations Test: Children's Version helps you record and quantify children's feelings about their families. Available in two versions, the tests are designed for use with children aged three to seven years and seven to 15 years respectively.


The test assesses the feelings and emotions, negative and positive, that a child has towards their family.


Measures outgoing and incoming negative and positive feelings for each figure, highlighting relationships which you may need to focus on.

Gives you information about a child's view of their family relationships and thoughts concerning them, to which you can then focus attention.

Contains an easy-to-use scoring procedure which assesses the feelings associated with maternal and paternal over-protection and over-indulgence and personality strength and weakness.

Complete Set contains: Manual, 25 Record/Score Sheets for older children, 25 Record/Score Sheets for younger children, A Set of Figures, A Set of Item Cards

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