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Reynolds Adaptable Intelligence Test–Nonverbal (RAIT-NV)

Cecil R. Reynolds, PhD

Purpose:  Assesses nonverbal, fluid intelligence
Age range:  10 to 75 years
Admin:  Individual or group
Admin time:  20 minutes
Qualification level:  B

Derived from the RAIT, the RAIT-NV is a rapid, reliable, and valid test of nonverbal intelligence. It was created using the two nonverbal subtests from the RAIT to give an accurate assessment of fluid intelligence. Although the RAIT-NV has a maximum time limit, it remains a power test and not a speeded test.

Features and benefits

  • Created for use with individuals who do not speak English, those with hearing impairments, individuals unwilling to communicate verbally, or populations with minimal language capabilities. No reading skill, motor coordination, or visual–motor capabilities are required, reducing the confounds that occur when manipulated objects are used to assess nonverbal intelligence.
  • Can be administered individually or in a group format. May be used in human resource and related industrial settings, schools, juvenile and adult justice systems, and clinical practices.
  • Designed to provide continuity across a wide age span.
  • Examined rigorously to be free of gender and ethnic bias, reducing gender and ethnicity as confounds, particularly important for use with English as a second language (ESL) students and adults.

Test structure

  • Two subtests evaluate fluid intelligence. The Nonverbal Analogies subtest and Sequences subtest use appealing, bright illustrations that are engaging to examinees.
  • The two subtests sum to create the RAIT Nonverbal Intelligence Index (NVII), which is scaled to the familiar IQ metric.
  • The Score Summary Form allows you to track examinees' scores over multiple administrations, to calculate reliable change indexes, and to calculate discrepency scores.
  • Each subtest has a sample item to facilitate comprehension that may be read by the examinee, read aloud to the examinee, or conveyed using hand gestures. Alternate administration instructions are provided.

Technical information

  • Standardized on a sample of 2,124 individuals matched to the 2010 U.S. Census.
  • Multiple types of scores are provided, including z scores, normal curve equivalents, stanines, percentiles, and age equivalents.
  • Validity was investigated using individuals from several clinical groups, including intellectual disability, TBI, stroke, dementia, learning disability, hearing impairment, and ADHD.
  • An investigation of RAIT-NV scores' relationship to examinees' occupational industries and job complexity levels revealed expected patterns.

RAIT-NV Complete Kit
includes the RAIT-NV Professional Manual with Fast Guide, 10 Reusable Item Booklets, 50 Answer Sheets, 50 Score Summary Forms, and a Scoring Key

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