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FZCD820 Funzee Everyday Go-Togethers Software

Help Funzee find the photos that go together! Improve vocabulary and critical thinking skills with Funzee Everyday Go-Togethers. This easy-to-use, interactive software teaches students to find 72 pairs of photos that go together (e.g., toothpaste/toothbrush) while playing five interactive games. Funzee Everyday Go-Togethers tracks data for an unlimited number of students, allows you to print progress reports, and stores the items each student identifies incorrectly during individual sessions.

Funzee is for the classroom too!

Choose from two gamesóClassroom Bingo/Lotto or Matching. Teachers can build their own lotto and bingo boards in a jiffy. Create, save, and print randomized lotto or bingo boards and play them anytime. The matching game allows four students or teams to take turns playing a fun matching game. The player(s) that collect the most pairs wins!

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