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HRR Colour Vision Test

The HRR Colour Vision Test diagnoses congenital and acquired colour deficiencies using simple shapes. It comprises a 6 plate screening section plus 14 detailed diagnostic plates to determine the type and extent of colour deficiency.

The first four plates are used to show the patient how the test works. The next six plates (screening series) present the most difficult yellow, blue, red, and green colours. Success with these plates defines the subject as having ‘normal colour vision’ and completes the test for that person. The subsequent 14 plates (diagnostic series) cover all four colours and provides diagnostic as to the extent (mild, medium or strong) and type of defect (Protan, Deutan, Tritan). The HRR 4 Edition has been proven effective in more than six different clinical trials to date.

Suitable for children aged 3+.

The test comes with an encapsulated matching card.

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