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Our products : Hand Evaluation Products : Digital Hand Dynamometer DHD-3

Digital Hand Dynamometer DHD-3

Although the DHD-3 Digital Hand Dynamometer includes many features when used as stand-alone device, the Grip Strength Testing and Research Software (G-STAR™) extends the DHD-3 capabilities. G-STAR™ is an easy to use, yet powerful software tool which automates grip strength and endurance testing in both clinical and research environments. All patient information and their test results are stored in an Access® database which includes normative score tables for comparison based on age and gender. Maximum grip strength and grip endurance tests are graphically displayed during testing and can be saved in the database with their associated patient information. In addition, tests saved in the DHD-3 itself when used as a stand-alone device, can be imported into the database when re-connected to the PC using G-STAR™.

Default values for search functions, sorting sequence, testing mode, unit of measure and other parameters can be set based on preference and common usage, but can be changed for individual tests as required. Voice guidance provides assistance during program operation and helps guide the patient during testing. G-STAR also includes utilities for backing up and restoring the database as well as exporting individual test result to text (.txt) files. The G-STAR database can also be directly accessed to export data into Excel® for customized analysis and reporting.

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