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: DEYA66 15-Part Brain with Ventricles

DEYA66 15-Part Brain with Ventricles

Ideal for studying the complex three-dimensional structures of the cerebral cortex. brain stem and ventricles, this life-size unbreakable vinyl model of the human brain can be disassembled into 15 component parts working from the outside inward.

During reassembly, the large subcortical nuclei of the brain stem (caudate nucleus, lenticular nucleus, and thalamus) and the internal capsule can be grouped around the ventricles to form the complete brain stem. Next, the fornix and hippocampal formation can be added, along with the adjacent portions of the temporal and occipital lobes, as well as the cerebellum. Finally, the corpus callosum and cerebral cortex can be attached to complete the brain, which then rests in its natural position on the base of the skull.

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