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Police Officer Exams Review

1 video  ·  2 hrs.

Whether you want to be homicide detective or a traffic cop, a state trooper or a member of the vice squad, this video program is the first step toward realizing your dream. Of course, police officer exams are slightly different from one time to the next and from one police force to the next, but the core areas do not change very much. With this comprehensive study aid, you'll gain a command of the mental skills and attitudes tested on most city, county, state, and other police agency exams — at your own pace.

You’ll become familiar with the basic police vocabulary so you can start thinking like a police officer. You’ll learn how to pick out key information and put it into police report form. Best of all, you’ll get inside the mind of the test-maker so you can be a better test-taker. This user-friendly video reviews the most crucial information you’ll need to score high and make the force!

  • test-taking strategies
  • reading police materials
  • sizing up suspicious situations
  • information processing
  • police procedures
  • police reports
  • maps and traffic diagrams
  • memorizing faces, scenes, and facts


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