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Distributor of Innovative Educational and Training Products ... since 1985.

Founded in 1985, with an extensive range of products of exceptional quality, flexibility and good customer service, Artsberg has long been known by educators and professionals to be an outstanding source for educational and training materials. Our goal is to provide high-quality, award-winning educational and training materials to make teaching and learning fun.


We serve various organizations such as universities, colleges, schools, nurseries, special education centers, government departments, corporations, hospitals .... etc. in Hong Kong and abroad. Our products include the following media in various subjects:

  • CD-Rom
  • DVD /VCD
  • Laser Disc
  • Video
  • Map
  • Globe
  • Model
  • Book
  • Transparency
  • Compact Disc
  • Multi-Sensory Room Equipment
  • Special Needs Material
  • Activity Approach Material
  • Educational Toy & Game
  • Assessment Programme
  • Computer Software
  • Computer Access Device
  • Communication Device
  • DVD-R/CD-R/Blank Video
  • DVD/CD/VHS Case

To serve as an information center for our valuable clients is also part of our business. As a result, we have to keep updated information and search new products to meet our professionals' needs and provide them with various choices in this sector. With years of experience, we gain our reputation by giving our clients prompt response and service. We are proud to point out that when professionals select therapeutic equipments, educational and training materials, they put Artsberg in their first choice. This results in our being appointed as distributor for many well-known overseas publishers/manufacturers.


If you are looking for a reliable distributor for your educational and training products, why not give Artsberg a try ?


If you are looking for high-quality and practical educational materials for your organizations or children, why not think about Artsberg ?


Teaching and learning will be fun and exciting if you can implement the finest professional and educational products supplied by us to your teaching curricula.


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